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Both Norway and Denmark were quick to join NATO after its establishment in 1949. However, Sweden and Finland remain neutral, each for their own reasons, but always wary of their massive Soviet neighbour. The Finnish armoured forces field T-72FM1, T-72FM2, and T-55M Soviet tanks with local improvements and newer western technology applied. Their Jääkäri infantry are mounted in BMPs and BTR-60s with missiles, recoilless rifles, and mortars for fire support.

The Swedes are mostly self-sufficient for their military technology with their own unique turretless S-Tank with its autoloader and powerful gun. Their well armed infantry are mounted in the Pbv 302 APC armed with a 20mm autocannon. Supplementing their locally manufactured equipment the Swedes also field Centurion tanks, with upgraded fire-control systems and Explosive Reactive Armour.

The Norwegians and Danes have more conventional equipment, both fielding Leopard 1 tanks in their armoured forces and M113s (including local variants) for their mechanised infantry. The Danes also field two variants of Centurion tanks.